Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wow....A Whole New Year!

So...I have no pictures, because in our conversion process from the PC to the MAC I have not yet figured out how to easily upload pictures! So...I guess it's just a reading one! Hopefully you will still enjoy it!

Things of late that have happened that are worth writing down and sharing:

We got new beds for the girls, so they no longer have to share a bed. Unfortunantly, they're rooms are so small that it seems even more cramped now! The other thing worth noting is, every night before bed, Stacy has to give Sariah a hug goodnight. They used to sleep in the same bed. Now, Stacy can't go to sleep without a hug from her favorite big sister.....ahh.....

Levi is progressing in school....I think. He's gained a bit more of an attitude of late, but overall, I can't really complain he's still an exceptionally great son and am grateful that God sent him to help me out so much!

Tori is still Tori and boy oh boy is she into EVERYTHING.... yep, she's at that stage... ugh! Help me! Only one more two year old to live through!!!

We have found new friends in 2009 and enjoyed spending the Holidays with them. We are hoping to go somewhere else, but for now, this place is good. We have friends, Aaron has his football and basketball teams here, and aside from needing a bigger house I've found some great places as well.

Hopefully 2010 will bring good treasures of all kinds. 2009 offered a quite a bit of growing and revelatory experiences that I hope will continue to come. I love those "ah-ha" moments. We are all at that moment in time when everything seems to be going so well.... so, I'm preparing now for the "growing experience" that always comes after the easy times!

Now...for future referencing, I'm not pregnant this year so... one of these Saturdays we are going skiing!! It's been a really long time!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Better late than never....

Ok, so this is a little late, but...I had a blast driving down to my friend's wedding reception! I got a day off from the kids and playing mom, and see a good friend, it was awesome! Thankfully I found someone to ride with me, so she saved me lots of money from renting a car, and my newlywed friend let us stay in her apartment, since she wasn't going to be there!

It was a blast and she was beautiful!!

This dress was quite amazing! The red sash things was removable, so she could wear her white dress in the temple, and the red sash at her reception! What a grand idea!

Also at her reception, she had fish on the tables! I never would've come up with something like that! It was pretty neat though!

And of course, a very BIG special thanks to my husband for taking care of all the kids while I was gone and for letting me go!! I LOVE YOU!!!


It's's finally done. The eye correction surgery was successful and it's over...well, almost...

After some pretty hefty pain killers for a couple of days, he's feeling much better! However, he still has to do a number of things. For one, he has to wear his sunglasses all the time...and at night he has to wear these funky looking goggles! Ha! He even gets to wear his sunglasses in uniform! How special is that?!?!

At church we were told "Um, I see on your waiver it says you can wear your sunglasses while in uniform, but I'm afraid it doesn't say you can wear your sunglasses at church...take them off!" HA HA HA!! Yep that's right...inside, outside, everywhere doing everything, he has to be wearing these sunglasses! He looks like Joe Cool! It's funny....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer time!!

So, we've been enjoying summer!! It has finally warmed up and stopped raining!! We've all been outside enjoying the weather, yep even me! We got a little pool and boy do they sure love that! Sorry I can't put any pictures up, for some reasons they aren't working! So maybe the next time! But a tribute to summer anyways, WE ARE SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE!!

So now that summer is here, the next thing we have to look forward to is Aaron being able to see, and our new baby boy!! Everyone is very excited!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009's always something....part II

Another day...another Sunday. We walked in, right on time, sat in the second to front pew, and everything was good. Then...Tori pooped, her knee started bleeding, and her toe started bleeding. So, I took Tori outside to change her diaper, and put a few band-aids on her. We were happily on our way back into the building when Aaron and Stacy were on their way out.....hmm....

"What happened?" "Um....we're going home..."

"Where are the other two kids?!?"
"Still inside"
"Take Tori, I'll go get the other two kids and clean up our stuff".

So, off I went...RUNNING through the church! I got inside, and although our stuff was still everywhere, some Relief Society sisters had taken my two children out to dad already, and were cleaning up the throw-up on the pew. I quickly picked up the remainder of our stuff, thanked the sisters for their help and went back outside to find the other two kids.
All the kids were in the car ready to go, but we still had things to take care of. Aaron was supposed to teach in Elder's Quorum today, and needed to find someone to teach his lesson. Rather than let Aaron go back into the church looking like he did, I decided I'd better find someone for him, as well as find someone to conduct the music in Relief Society. I went....
I quickly found someone in the back to teach Aaron's lesson, since...obviously we weren't staying.
On my way back out for the second time, I realize all the OTHER things that happened. The poor sister sitting behind us was carrying her 18 month old daughter and her head was sopping wet....hmmmm.....ok....that's weird. It never dawned on me, until one of the other Relief Society sister's informed me that Stacy not only threw up all over Aaron, but all over the little girl sitting in the pew behind us..................
And then, I was back outside to find out just how bad Aaron had been hit....

It was everywhere. It was on his jacket, underneath his jacket, down his pants, on his shoe, and in his shoe, and down his shirt, in his hair, on his face....yep you heard it....She really got him!

So...we got to take the sacrament, and then we got to go home...embarrassed....

and...of all days, the Bishop was not there, but the Stake President happened to be visiting.....and you should have seen the look on his face....and the face of the poor speaker.....haha!

Like I said...It's always something....this time it was "spew on the pew"...

Friday, May 22, 2009

If only I'd taken my camera!!

Ok, so although Aaron's birthday isn't until next week...he is working all next week! So, we took this week to go out to dinner and get him sung to! It was HILARIOUS! Thanks to Red Robin, he was given a coffee filter party hat, a beautiful yellow balloon and of course a cup of ice cream. He even got some birthday wishes from RED ROBIN HIMSELF!! Yes, of all days to have gone there, Red Robin happen to be there!

So...what did the kids do?? At first Sariah was VERY excited and wanted Red Robin to come and say hi. Stacy was also excited but a little nervous. Levi was...curious. Tori was in awe. So...Red Robin was circling around the tables, when he came to ours, we had two less children!! Sariah and Stacy both jumped under the table and HID!! So much for the excitement!!! Levi was trying to conceal his smile, and Tori...well....she was still in awe. Red Robin touched her hand, and she quickly took her hand back and leaned over her seat to get daddy! She just wasn't sure about it!

However, these kids were laughing their heads off when their daddy got sung to, a coffee filter hat, and a balloon. They thought that was pretty cool!

Unfortunantly, I'm not good at keeping our camera with us....and so...I have NO pictures!

Friday, May 15, 2009


So....something good that happened this week.....I GOT MY CAR WASHED!! YES!! It's been a full year since it's been washed!! Can you believe that!?!?! UGH! A year!!

We discussed where this car has been in a year.....Colorado, Texas, Oregon, California, and all the states in between!! And you heard it, not a single washing!! It was sooo dirty!! The young women need money to help with camp, and they worked on my car, the longest! They certainly earned their donated money!!!

So for all the Young Women in our ward, and of course all those totally CUTE young women leaders out there who helped wash my car, THANK YOU!!!!